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Golko Consulting offers many different approaches to marketing, depending upon your needs. If you just need that surge of traffic for special offers, holiday promotions and other purposes, we have pre-planned promotion packages that are ready-to-go such as contests, coupons, direct marketing blasts and viral campaigns. These campaigns are quick and effective and can be put together and executed within days.

We can also help with your long-range marketing strategies. We’ll fit in wherever you need us to, or we can handle the entire marketing task for you.

Whatever you need, wherever you need it. Make your web presence pay. Call us for assistance.

We offer a full range of marketing services.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

We can help you determine exactly who your target market is, what they are buying and where they are hanging out. Market research is the foundation of your marketing success and we can help you get a bigger, more accurate and complete picture. Here is a list of the areas we can uncover for you.
Niche Research — study the market(s) you are in, or find hot markets you can enter with minimal resistance
Monetization Analysis — find out what people are buying and how much they are paying for it in the most promising niches and sub-niches uncovered through Niche research.
Keyword Research — once you are clear on your niche and what you want to sell to them, you’ll need to know what phrases people are typing into the search engines to find what you have to offer. We’ll find the low-competition, high-yield keywords the others have missed.
Competitive Analysis — we’ll find out who your top 5 competitors are for each of your most promising keywords and help you determine which of those keywords to use based on how well we can surpass your competitors in the Search Engine Results pages.
Advertising and Promotion Evaluation — Once you know exactly what your target markets are andwhich keywords you are going to use, we’ll work within your budget to formulate an action plan to reach those markets most effectively.
Produce Marketing Plan and Manage Campaigns — The result of market intelligence is to come up with the best marketing plan you can given your market, your budget and your time constrains. We can manage your entire marketing campaigns and provide analysis and auditing.


Marketing Infrastructure

Every marketing effort needs some type of infrastructure. This can include web sites, blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards, satellite sites, em ail marketing services and auto responders, etc. We can arrange and produce your entire marketing infrastructure or just the components you want. Below are some of the things we can do to build your infrastructure. We also provide custom software engineering for specific needs.
Web Sites, Mobile Web Sites, Blogs
Membership Portals
Web-2 Properties
Google+, Google+ Local
Facebook Profile and Pages
LinkedIn Profile
Twitter Profile
Pinterest Boards
Forum Profiles


Marketing Services

This is where it all happens. If you need an all encompassing strategy, we can help you put together a multi-channel Octopus Marketing Attack that will get you the best results possible. If you just need us to handle one or more areas, we can do that too. The following is a list of some of the things we can do to help you reach your target markets.
Video and Podcast Marketing
Article and Press Release Marketing
Forum and Blog Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Paid Advertising (PPC, PPV)
Affiliate Marketing and Joint Ventures
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Craigslist and Classified
Google+, Google+ Local, Directories with Citations and Reviews
Kindle and other Electronic Books, Print Books
Traditional offline marketing methods including print, media, radio and television

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